12 Things you'll regret in 10 years

All the things that people do or do not do have consequences in the future. Here we show you the decisions that can cause you frustration in about 10 years.

1. Tattoos.

Definitely a tattoo is for life. Some techniques are known that can disappear, however do not trust, there will always be some scar or spot on the skin. So if you think about making one, think twice.

2. Start smoking.

When you're young, a cigarette between your lips is a matter of image. However, the body will begin to charge your bill. You will begin to cough more frequently, you will lose energy, shine in the skin, and reduce your sense of taste and smell. In addition, your nails and hair will dry and become horrible.

3. Abandon the studies.

Many young people do not like studying, prefer parties and friends. Unfortunately in a few years, if we do not apply ourselves with this topic, we will give ourselves tops. Definitely, people with a career have a better chance of getting ahead than those who do not have professional training. So better think about your future.

4. Hold on to toxic loves.

Struggling and putting all your energies in a person who does not respond with the same feeling can seem like a challenge. It is definitely something that many regret in the long term.

5. Photographs and videos that you should only see.

You never know when home videos or risqué photos can jump to light, and more so now that social networks are everywhere. Be careful, better avoid it.

6. Value friends.

You can prioritize the obligations at certain times of life, however, this type of decision involves leaving the affections aside. Friends are said to be those people who are in the good and bad, and with the passage of time, you will see that it is true.

7. Postpone motherhood

Studies, university careers, traveling the world, and not getting a stable partner, are some of the many issues that lead women to postpone motherhood. However, we have discovered that some women regret not having had children before.

8. I have not given you certain tastes.

If you are the kind of person who lives for others, at some point the moment will come where you will wonder why you did not like more. Responsibilities and the environment can lead to repentance, especially if you take on many obligations as a young person.

9. Not having made that trip as a bachelor.

Just as there are those who postpone having a family, there are also those who seek to make it a priority. However, any decision, no matter how convinced you are to take it, has a bitter side. Some who marry young, and have children at an early age, regret not having made a more adventurous trip before marriage, for example, crossings with a single backpack, low-class hostels, mountains and why not, even get drunk.

10. Not having exercised.

If you have exercised since childhood, in adulthood you will have less physical difficulties, since you are accustomed to a higher performance, and avoid being an obese person. The older we get, the more difficult it is to maintain a good figure.

11. Be quiet.

Leaving things without expressing can generate resentment, misunderstandings, or even significant emotional losses. Pride is usually the priority after anger, but it goes away with time. Always try to clarify the differences, speak straight and you will feel better. Resentment is not good and affects the soul.

12. Get used to the discomfort

A non-rewarding job, a marriage that does not hold up and excess obligations, usually get used to uncomfortable situations and are justified with phrases like "there is no other". Although, for certain issues there is no immediate solution, for others it is only a matter of knowing how to recognize them and act. Those who maintain a passive attitude in the face of what they certainly do not satisfy are a sure candidate for repentance.

Everyone owns their time. Make the most of it!