6 Diets that are wasting your time

There are endless diets that promise a body of goddess in a very short time, however there are some like the ones presented below, which besides being useless can be dangerous. It is proven that they do not work, so do not try to do them.

The diet of the Moon

It consists in fasting 24 hours since the change of the lunar phase.

Patch on the tongue.

It is a new method that is becoming very popular, this is sewn to the tongue and if you eat something solid you will feel a terrible pain, therefore you can only eat smoothies, gelatins, etc.

In becoming plastic to sweat.

To burn fat you need to do cardio, that is to increase your heart rate. Wrapping in plastic will dehydrate you, increase the temperature of your organs and you will get terrible mud all over your body since the pores will not be able to breathe.


People claim that it eliminates cellulite and helps burn fat. False!

Eat live worms.

It was claimed that doing so, they would eat your stomach. The biggest stupidity I've ever heard!

Wear tight clothing or girdle while eating.

You can cause gastrointestinal problems, it is better to measure yourself in the portions and now.

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