20 gifts that every man yearns for Christmas

Giving something to a man at Christmas is harder than you think. Poor, we almost always end up giving them socks. It's not fair, these parties are a little more fun. Today we leave you some ideas that will make the search easier.

1. An agenda where they can store their cell phone or tablet.

2. A male cell phone cover.

3. They also need where to take their things.

4. The dream of many.

5. It's not that hard to make them happy.

6. Do not fear suitcases, or male bags. Believe me, they will thank you.


8. If you smoke cigars, such a case is the option.

9. So they will not lose the keys and will also give them style.

10. It will become your favorite object.

11. Another comfortable and great option for your keys.

12. Fit in the wallet!

13. They will never leave the wallet elsewhere.

14. Some slippers that give him just in his masculinity.

15. A lunchbox that does not look feminine to take food to work.

16. Your dad is going to love you.

17. Remove the corcholata and also serve to throw it.

18. Hearing aids worthy of a man.

19. How about these drinks?

20. For lovers of roast meat, an apron like that.