Things that I will never understand about the feminine world. Atte: A man

There are things of the feminine world with which I have already surrendered, they are too much for a man's brain and I have decided to limit myself to being a mere observer within this universe to which it seems that I am not invited. I'm sure the guys will completely agree with me.

1. Women's towels

Every time they ask us to buy them feminine towels or we give them one, it is extremely difficult for us, we all see them the same, we do not know which ones have or do not have wings, night or pantiprotectors, we are guided by colors and sizes, be more comprehensive.

2. Creams

We can not understand why they have creams for everything, sometimes we do not even use cream and you have them for the face, for the body, for the eyes, lips ... and the list goes on.

3. Leggins, tights, stockings.

We do not have a damn idea of ​​what each one is, even though my girlfriend tries to explain to me, in my brain you can only hear a monkey shrieking.

4. Names of shoes.

Men have shoes and tennis, but you can not settle, they have to wear flats, sandals, tennis, heels, boots, booties, etc. How do they do it?

5. Shampoo.

Girls, it's not that we're careless, we're simple. I use a 2 in 1 shampoo and with that I wash my head and body, but you have shampoo, rinse, hair treatment, shampoo for the body and even for the intimate area. O_o

6. Depilatory creams.

We only use rake and shaving cream, but you have a wide range, cold wax, hot wax, for sensitive areas, for showering, etc.

7. Underwear.

We only distinguish between "grandmother" and "sexy", do not ask us for more.

8. The "nothing".

The deadliest word for a boy, if they tell you he has nothing can mean countless things, angry, sad, jealous, bored, tired, fed up, and also, nothing. O_O

9. Why do they go to the bathroom together?

We can not understand it Are you going to gossip? Are they going to talk about us or another man? I do not know, but they never come back the way they did.

10. Why do they always say: "I have nothing to wear"?

They have 100 times more clothes than us, and still nothing is enough.

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