Reasons why I do not want a flat abdomen

I do not know if they have noticed, but all the women are pretty obsessed with having a flat and even marked abdomen.

I'm not one of those and these are my reasons:

1. I will not succumb to stereotypes.

We are bombarded with stereotypes making us believe that you are not beautiful or good enough if you do not have a flat and worked abdomen. But it's not like that, your value does not depend on it.

2. My self-esteem does not depend on that.

My safety and my self-esteem do not hang on my kilos. That is mental.

3. It's too much pressure.

I do not intend to live pressed and limited the rest of my life, only to have a flat abdomen that does not give me anything else.

4. I have learned to love my body.

All the bodies are different. Why do we insist on wanting to make them all the same?

5. I decide what makes me beautiful.

I know very well what makes me beautiful, I know what I'm worth and none of that depends on my physique.

6. My curves are sensual.

I do not hide my curves, I use tight clothes and whatever I want.

7. I love trying new things.

There is only one life and I love to eat, I try to do it healthily, but I will not limit myself just because someone thought that skinny ones are more beautiful.

8. Love has no measure.

No matter what size you are, love will always find you. If you love yourself, it is impossible for love to forget to knock on your door.

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