Tiny gifts to conquer a big heart

The little details are those that end up engraved in the heart. If you want to surprise someone, I'm sure you'll find something that inspires you here.

1. A cupcake inside a small jug.

2. You can make a mini portraits that is also a necklace.

3. If you are artistic, a mini painting is what you should consider.

4. A beautiful and tender keychain.

5. A message of love in a small bottle.

6. Small pots.

7. Add photos to tea bags.

8. Mini bottles filled with delicious and small sweets.

9. Instead of adding photos to tea bags, you can try small cards.

10. A tiny piñata. Fill it with candy or with little love messages.

11. Who would not love a small bouquet of flowers?

12. Use the shell of a nut to give a pendant or a letter.

13. You can hide something in the cone or roll messages in the ice cream balls.

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