Nail designs you can achieve using adhesive tape

You don't need to have a surgeon's hand to be able to make impressive designs on your nails. There are several tricks you can use and they all have to do with duct tape. Today we will give you some tips so you can decorate your nails in the simplest way.

1. In order to have a manicure worthy of the gods, it is necessary to add some tools to your nail kit. As for example a heart piercer, so you can pierce the tape and make this beauty on your nails.

2. We all had scissors of this type at school, cut your tape with them to make curves your designs.

3. I know there is a lot left for Christmas, but you can go practicing.

4. Really, these scissors are going to serve you very much.

5. Cut the adhesive tape in the way you can think of, this will give you endless possibilities when painting your nails.

6. Cut thin lines to achieve more stylized and seemingly more complicated designs.

7. Two colors will always be better than one, but you have to know how to place them. Here is the explanation:

8. Degrade your nails with the help of a sponge and then place strips to have an even cooler effect.

9. Instead of putting the nail polish on your nails, paint the tape and trim small strips. This way you will create the decoration prints yourself.

10. Domino-style nails!

11. French manicure does not always have to be the classic.

12. Didn't you know how to do this? It is a matter of being patient, wait for the sides to dry and then continue with the design.

13. Don't you feel that you already love duct tape?

Video: DOs & DONTs: striping tape nail art. how to use striping tape (April 2020).