10 magic potions you could only find in Mexico

Mexico is a country where you can find the strangest things, and among those things are the famous "Esoteric Products". There are people who earn a lot of money selling these types of products that promise to eliminate people's discomforts by magic.

If only they worked as they say, I would have already bought all. Mainly these!

Wow! I'm going to need 3 bottles of this one.

I will give it to my best friend. Hahaha

All men buying this one in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

For all men to drool for you wherever you go.

To love you by force.

With this potion you will tame the most handsome of your work as if it were a tender puppy. Well, that's what they promise us.

"Get out." Won't they have one of "come in"? It is the one I need.

So that metiche neighbor doesn't keep stealing your clothesline socks.

Become that woman that all men dream of.

If you think they are doing some curse to you, here is this one that will take away all the problems.

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