Tips for smuggling food into the cinema

Something that has always bothered me about cinemas, is that they sell your snack as if it were made of gold. Popcorn is the cheapest thing in the world and they sell it to you as if it were diamonds in a box, and they still put on their bows by not allowing you to enter with food as if the economy were at its best.

But do not be tormented, today I will give you some tips that have worked for me to smuggle food into the cinema without getting caught.


Enter the sweets and the drink you want to put into the room to the bottom of a good-sized bag, but not too big to avoid suspicion. Then cover them with a scarf and now put your makeup bag, your wallet, your cell phone and up to two female towels. So if they check you, seeing the towels, they won't want to get to the bottom. I don't know why but they always get intimidated.


With this trick you can only enter one or two things if you are very skilled. You have to take your snack and cover it with a jacket, if only you were loading it. No one will ever suspect.


If you only want to introduce chocolates or small things, the pockets of your pants are the best option. Once you've put your candy in your pockets, put some toilet paper in it. Make it stand out, so it will seem that you only carry paper.


The sleeves of your shirt are excellent hiding places, you can carry several things in them, until a can of soda will fit you. Once you've put everything in, put on a jacket over it, this will hide much more.


Buy some popcorn girls long before the show, go to a place where no one sees you and empty most of their content somewhere. Enter all your contraband into the bottom of the boat and then cover it with the popcorn.


If you are fortunate to have large bubis, then you can hide snacks there. You can use your bra or between your bubis. Wear a baggy blouse and a light jacket to hide.


Cinema soda cups serve the same way as popcorn, you can hide a can or candy there.


You can hide snack in your head and hold it with a headband. Then you just have to cover it with a hat like this. They will never suspect you.

Video: 10 Ways To Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater- LIFE HACKS THAT WORK. Nextraker (April 2020).