Things to relax now that the exams are over

Now that the exams are finally over and the holidays are approaching, it is time to relax and enjoy everything you can. For that we bring you some ideas that will surely convince you.

Check out everything you can do to make the most of your time.

Enjoy a michelada this delicious

Doesn't your mouth water just from seeing it? So much effort deserves a cold and sweet reward.

Throw a marathon of the hunger games

Surely for studying or time has given you the last part of the hunger games. Well throw the marathon!

An afternoon for your nails

It relaxes me enough to fix my nails. So you can put on little music and start the task.

Eat a mini Ben & Jerry's

Have you seen these mini ice creams? They bring the necessary amount so that you are satisfied and without it melting.

Sleep all afternoon

Wow you deserve it! Do not take off your pajamas and do not get out of bed unless it is very necessary.

Tub night

If you are fortunate to have a tub, take it and stay for hours in the warm water.

Book and coffee

A coffee, a blanket and a good book is like the cherry on the cake.


It is not only for children. The swings are extremely fun and after a while you will go down without any stress.

See people pass by in a cafeteria

Take some headphones, order your favorite drink and watch people go by. It is one of the most relaxing and interesting things to do.

Night of girls and laughter

A night with your best friends where laughter is the main ingredient is what everyone needs.