23 Girls with an outfit more adult than mine

There are parents who are addicted and are so obsessed with fashion that they make their children as young as 5-6 years old begin to pose in front of the camera with clothes that could be considered for teenagers or adults.

I know there are different points of view on this issue and I will give mine.

Personally, I think that one should not try to accelerate the process of mental growth of a child. Making them wear expensive glasses, designer clothes, extravagant hairstyles, etc ... could create a personality that doesn't really go with them. Visually it is uncomfortable (at least for me) to see that girls act with the influence of parents as adults in their way of walking, gestures and standing.

In the same way I think that being a child does not mean having to worry about combining, seeing you “cute”, bringing fashion accessories or stressing about what they will say according to how you dress. Being a child means being able to be free to play, get dirty, live without worries and keep that innocence that is lost in a very short time when you become an adult.

I am very interested to know what you think. Meanwhile, I leave you these images so you can reach a conclusion.

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