Ideas to give a vintage twist to your XV years

If you want your XV year party or your sixteen sweets to become an unforgettable event, a vintage theme should be at the top of the ideas you have for decoration. It's simple, glamorous, and the photos you'll get will be second to none.

Here some ideas.

Use beautiful and small cages as centerpieces.

Wooden boxes like these will give you almost all your decoration.

Use pink or beige glasses.

A lemonade stand will look beautiful and super vintage.

Or simply choose cute containers.

A retro space for your guests to take pictures.

Use pastel colors everywhere.

Pink and gold, the most vintage and elegant combination you'll find.

Use old furniture for details.

Use an old suitcase to put in it the gifts you will give your guests.

Rent a retro car to get to the party.

Ask your guests to write you letters.

If it will be in the garden you can give it light this way.

A bar more than great.

Vintage paintings hung everywhere.

Make your dress combine perfectly.

Necklines like this are an excellent option.

Do not forget the hairstyle and ornaments on it.

Your cake has to be equally beautiful.

Use metal tubs for sodas.

The lace will go perfect in your invitations.

And don't forget the retro accessories for the photos.

Video: vintage french arm chair model for your home interior (April 2020).