10 Tips to achieve a super sexy tan

How many times have we seen celebrities with a perfect tan? It gives them a beautiful shine on the skin and the clothes fit better. Seeing this, it is easy for us to tan to look so beautiful, but be careful! There are several things that we must take into account: burns, no oranges left, tan lines, among other things.

It is not as simple as going out to sunbathe with a tan, not because you saw it in an artist, it means that it is easy to do, even they have their little tricks. Here are some tips to get to the color you are looking for, leave it uniform and look perfect on your next vacation without burning and end up in a cry of pain in the attempt.

Get ready days before

Two weeks before tanning, apply pre-bronzers, so you will activate your melanin, you will tan faster when you take the rays and avoid burning your skin.

Change your diet a little

It is also advisable to eat foods such as carrots, tomatoes, broccoli or kiwi, as they will help you take care of your skin and have a better pigmentation in it. He also eats foods rich in vitamin E and B (fish and legumes) to prolong the tan.

Exfoliate yourself

We already know that by exfoliating, we remove dead skin cells, so your tan will last longer. Apply it throughout the body, the most basic and homemade scrub is with lemon, honey and sugar. Super easy to do.

Use a bronzer with high SPF

Having an SPF helps us spend more time in the sun. Suppose we can spend fifteen minutes in the sun until we begin to burn, now, if we multiply those fifteen minutes by an SPF with a factor of five (i.e. 15 × 15), the result is that we can stay 75 minutes exposing ourselves to the sun! It is magical !

Move every 15 minutes

That's right, like a roasted chicken! With this you avoid long sun exposure and it will give you a more uniform and beautiful hue. Try to get you back, back, on the sides and even where the sun does not reach you; that is the armpits, obviously what did they think?

Try to wear small clothes

So you will be with a uniform tone. It is best that you use a very small and straple swimsuit, if you do not want to be a mosaic of walking tones. But if possible, take off your entire swimsuit, only then will you be completely even.

Put on creams with SPF, they will be your allies

That you use sunscreen with SPF does not mean you should skip the sunscreen. Tan what you need and at the end use a lot of blocker, because you are in a fragile moment and need protection.

Do it at 5:00 in the afternoon

The hours that hit the sun the most are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. So I recommend you start tanning from 5:00 pm, if you do not want to stay as shrimp for the rest of your vacation, what a bear!

Hydration and humidification

I don't just talk about drinking a lot of water, which you have to do. Also, if you have access to a pool, throw yourself in it from time to time to cool down a bit, don't worry! It does not affect your tan at all.

When you finish tanning, use moisturizers, which contain aloe vera, so you don't get the feeling of rough skin from exposure. But don't use too much, because it can make your tan fall off faster.

Bronzing powders

If for some carelessness you left a part without tanning, it is best to use a self-tanning powder to cover it to match the color, instead of continuing to tan and risk getting to an orange hue, nooooooooooooo!

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