Tricks to slow hair growth

Women have a constant and endless struggle with the hairs of our whole body. We are happy we just shave, but after a few hours or a few days (depending on the method of hair removal) they reappear and with them the drama of a lifetime.

There are some methods that although they are not magical or permanent help to slow the growth of our tiny enemies, making the shaving last a little longer.

Check them and choose the one that convinces you the most.


After shaving, take half a lemon and massage the freshly shaved area, do it for at least three days. It may sting a little, but it will delay the appearance of hair a bit and that is totally worth it.


We can use this amazing stone to prevent the early appearance of hair. For this we must pass it carefully through the areas where we want the hair to take off and then apply the moisturizer we usually use. Do not exert too much force or you will get hurt.


Once you shave or shave, apply a little whole milk with a cotton pad for at least a week. This will make the hair grow a little slower, it will also hydrate your skin.


Boil some mistletoe leaves, and with a damp cloth in the mixture massage the area you just shaved, do it for three days and so your hair removal will last longer.


Soy controls testosterone levels in our body, so if you consume it daily, you will notice how your hair takes a little longer to grow.

Green clay

The clay is perfect for mustache hair. If you want to delay its growth, you will have to apply a mask at least 2 times per week. In addition your skin will be highly benefited.


When waxing with wax we pluck the root hair, which makes it take up to 3 weeks to reappear. So if you want something really durable, always shave with wax. Over time the hair will also become much thinner.


The tweezers also pluck the root hair, it is quite painful, but if you want to delay growth in a small area, it is a good option.

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