9 ideas to make terrifying edible eyes

It's almost Halloween and Day of the Dead! And if you like to celebrate it big and unite traditions, then you can not do without some terrifying snacks. And the best and simplest option is to create delicious and frightening eyes.

Check out how to make them, you'll love them.


Mentos have the ideal form. Just decorate them with painted and ready chocolate.

Small eyes

This recipe can be made in two ways, with black and white chocolate. Or with yogurt to freeze them and have cold and delicious eyes.

Jelly and Kiwi

Make a large jelly or the size you want but that is completely white. Cut a slice of kiwi and put it on top.


Hard boiled eggs can also be used to create eye-shaped snacks. Use olives and a mixture of avocado and olive oil to create the green pasta.


If you have spherical molds, think no more and create jellies that great.


Make round cupcakes and bathe them with white chocolate. Let them dry and add a small ball of dark chocolate.


Oreo cookies are super useful. You can use gummies and lunettes to create the pupil.

For drinks

If you are going to prepare alcoholic beverages and want to introduce eyes to them. Then you need to remove the red peel from a few radishes and round them up a bit. Make a little hole and introduce an olive. Freeze them with water in ice cube containers and go.


Create small cupcakes and cover them with icing sugar. And the pup create it with black and white chocolate.

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