20 Names in addition to “El Brayan” that you should no longer give your child

There are names that should be prohibited since beyond the personal tastes of each person or the fact that your grandfather is called that and you want to repeat the “inheritance”, you need to avoid them for the simple fact that your child may be prone to suffer Bullying in the future.

So more than for you, do it for him and avoid the terror of having to live with a name as bad as the already popular "Brayan." Here I leave you a list of names that please I ask you to consider never putting ...

"The Irving"
"The Irwin"
"The Dylan"
"The Alexander"
"The Bayron"
"The Iker"
"The Justin"
"The Brandon"
"The Dustin"
"The Jeison"
"The Teilor"
"The Jared"
"The Jair"
"The Iñaki"
"The Willian"
"The Fredi"
"The Lionel"
"The Estiven"
"The Maicol"

Please share and do good to humanity.

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