Bridesmaid dresses you should suggest to the bride

I don't know if the brides do it on purpose or not but most of the time, they choose horrible dresses for their bridesmaids. It may be so that they do not overshadow it, I do not know, but you can avoid looking completely ridiculous that day, just suggest these little models to the fiancee And voila!

You don't lose anything with trying, you sure like them.

I would never have thought of a golden dress for a bridesmaid, and it's the prettiest thing I've seen so far.

Bridesmaids also deserve to look sexy.

To get out of the typical dress colors, such as blue, pink and mamey.

Sometimes simple is much more elegant.

This is a great idea, that the bridesmaids dress have the same cut as the bride's dress.

Black! If men's suits are black, why can't girls wear the same color?

I loved this one, it's so original, all in full. It looks spectacular, and not all of us like dresses.

All in white, that speaks well of the bride.

Full of flowers! There is nothing wrong with using color and prints.

Perfect if the bride's dress is princess style, they would all combine divine.

I can't believe it, it's a fabulous idea. Upside down!

Gray contrasts in a magnificent way.

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