Which jeans favor your waist type

Good jeans are the best investment in terms of clothing, because they not only combine with the entire wardrobe, they are also comfortable and adapt to the style of each girl But! If you do not choose jeans that favor you, all those benefits could disappear and become something disastrous. We leave you here the list of six types of pants so you can know which one suits you best.

Boyfriend jeans for more hip

Some think that these pants are only responsible for giving a masculine and carefree look, but for those girls who are looking for a little extra hip, these jeans will be your best option, because their loose fit at the waist can create wider hips and you They will give comfort.

Cropped jeans for square body

Many do not identify this type of jeans, as it can be of various styles such as glued, wide or culottes. Its biggest feature is that these jeans reach the top of the ankle, which is super good for those girls with a square body, because their magic is to give the effect of more curves.

Skinnys jeans for low waist

If your waist goes almost unnoticed, you could opt for skinny jeans at the waist, because there is nothing better to frame the waist and the rest of your curves. You can also use them both day and night, with formal and casual clothes.

Super Skinny for very curved body

The super skynny jeans (as the name says, obviously) are the same as the skinny but more stuck. This type of jeans are made with an elastane plus, which makes them very elastic and adapts to our body, so if you have many curves, this pants will take care of accommodating you and highlighting your greatest attractions.

Mom jeans for athletic waist

Girls who exercise a lot or are thin by genetics are very likely to have a more straight figure. We recommend you choose some mom jeans, because as they start at the high waist, it will create the illusion of curves and a more marked waist.

Straight jeans for all body types

The classic of classics. If you are not looking for anything specific, rather than looking great with something minimalist, straight jeans are error-proof, because they take care of not worrying about the shape of your body, because it suits all of them, it is like shay, the friend Of all the girls.

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