10 irresistible outfits that your boy should try

Although the physique may be important, there is no doubt that women love those men who have attitude, style and personality!

For that reason today AdoptaUnChico, the alternative app to meet new friends, gives you a few super fashion and totally manly options with which you could convince your crush, friend, boyfriend, etc., to try new looks that will make you look totally irresistible .

Each of these is designed for men with different personalities, sure you and he will love it!

Chic, comfy and trendy, all in one.

A super casual and comfortable style with which you will not stop looking attractive at all times of the day. Ideal for going to the movies or for coffee!

Tight jeans are a must for every guy with good legs! They make them look incredibly hot.

A very casual and classic style with warm colors. Perfect for a sunny weekend.

An all black with a contrast (in this case white sneakers) will always make you look elegant and with personality.

Ufff! The perfect look to go to a meal at home and make the best impression with your family.

Accessories always give a plus. Encourage him to wear lenses that go with his face type and other garments that add points!

A classic with a very elegant color palette. Impossible not to fall in love with a man who dresses like this!

Where are you going so handsome !?

More manly, impossible!

If you loved the looks, but you need the blue prince to wear them, then be sure to join, the only place where you send and decide what kind of guy you want to find. Don't waste your time and have fun knowing what your next date could be!