Exercises that will disappear cellulite from your legs and buttocks

No woman loves to have cellulite, it is a fact, the legs and buttocks begin to have a lumpy appearance and have a direct impact on our self-esteem and safety, because we avoid wearing beautiful clothes. But getting rid of it is easier than it seems. A diet low in fat, healthy and with plenty of water, accompanied by a simple but effective exercise routine, will quickly annihilate it. If you do it every day, in a month you will see an amazing change.

Remember to warm up before running a little, skipping the rope or walking for about 10 minutes. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions with each exercise and get ready to remove it from the pit and also tone your legs and buttocks.

Remember not to take off the high back of the floor, always stay straight and concentrate the movement on legs and buttocks.

Stand on your side and with your back as straight as possible. Open and close legs without separating the feet.

You may or may not add weight, it will depend on your physical condition and the equipment you have. The movement works perfect with or without weight. Do it slowly, feeling how your muscles work.

Don't go too fast, let your legs and buttocks feel the weight as you go down.

If you don't have a weight, you can improvise filling bottles with stones or dirt to add weight to the exercise.

Your cellulite will suffer as never before and will prefer to leave that beautiful body of yours.

A double squat against cellulite is about reaching the level of a normal squat and immediately keep going down.

Placing your foot on some surface will give your scrolls more depth.

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