Exercises to stop having fat and flabby arms

One of my biggest traumas (I'm not going to lie) is that for about 2 years, the muscles in my arms began to lose firmness due to the zero exercise I was doing…

I know that many girls who visit us also have that discomfort that most of the time does not make them feel safe from their body, and even avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts so that they do not notice the sagging. I know because it happened to me too.

I thought that my arms had no solution and that this was only going to get worse, but I want to confess that I have been doing these 6 exercises for 3 months now and they have served me in an impressive way to mark and lose fat in this area.

I will not lie to you and say that by magic they will change you, because it is not so. To achieve results they should stop eating crap, fat, fast food and other things that do not contribute to better health.

Do at least 3 exercises a day x 15 repetitions of each and rest 2 days a week.

It is your decision to transform your body for a cuter, healthier and sexier one.

Video: How to Tone Flabby Arms (April 2020).