Things I can't stand 99% of 15-year-old girls

I must accept, today's article is a bit hater because I will talk and complain about the majority of teens who are currently between 14 and 15 years old, although in my defense I must say that I do not feel completely wrong with what I will say.

I know that not all of them are like that, but unfortunately in this era where there are less and less values ​​and less attention to teenagers, it is common to see them do these odious things day after day.

99.9% of them feel 'influencers'

They believe that everyone is aware of what they do 24 hours a day and they live it by publishing stories as if they were "famous."

Most do not have their own personality

Have you not noticed? The vast majority are the copy, of the copy, of the copy.

They feel 25 or 30 years old (according to them very mature)

If they go to a party, they think they are the most mature in the place. They dress and make up as if they were 10 or 15 years older and instead of looking pretty, they look very rare.

They can't live without being dramatic and exaggerate everything

Even the smallest problem makes it a storm.

How volubles they can be

One day they are in love, the next they hate everyone ... and so they spend the whole year.

How rude they behave with others

Even with unknown people. They think they are little princesses who can treat anyone they want badly (even their friends).

That they want to live attracting attention and don't know how to behave

If they go to the movies they spend annoying, laughing and taking selfies with flash.

That your cell phone is literally your best friend

If they go to a cafe with their friends, they never see each other or talk to each other. I see it daily.

Scream for everything

I don't know if they do it so you can turn to see them or let them know that they exist, but those screaming screams are a headache.

If you're not like that, congratulations, you're one in a million.