Questions and answers to existential doubts about your period

When we hear the words "menstrual period", the girls are rained a lot of doubts and questions that sometimes we do not know very well how to address them, especially when we are just beginning at this stage of our lives. Do not feel guilty about this ... it happens to all of us.

Saba® Teens, who in addition to always looking for your comfort, takes care of you and is your best ally in those difficult days, wants to share with you some answers to those existential doubts that possibly turn in your head month by month. So you can know better what happens with you and how to react to different situations, they will be of great help!

How long does it last?

Usually your period is normal that lasts between 3 and 8 days, although this may vary between women. If you notice that this lasts longer and you do not feel that it is normal, it is necessary that you go to a good gynecologist to detect what happens and thus, avoid complications.

What is premenstrual syndrome?

It refers to all those emotional and physical changes that occur a few days before you start menstruating. These disappear significantly when your cycle begins. That's why if you feel a little 'out of your mind', very volatile in matters of your feelings, inflamed, etc ... it's completely normal! Try to relax and take things easy.

I recently started with my period, I know I'm not pregnant, but it still got late! Why?

After having your first period, it is very common and natural for your menstrual cycles to be irregular for the reason that your hormones have not yet matured enough. This can continue to happen for up to the next 2 years.

Is there an age to start using buffer?

Age is not a barrier to being able to use a tampon. This decision is very personal and will depend more on how comfortable and safe you feel when using them.

Will the tampon make me lose my virginity?

This is a myth that has generated a lot of controversy, however, here we clarify that this is totally false! You can lose your virginity by having sex or receiving a heavy blow that can cause the hymen to break. So do not stress about this issue, if you think this product is better with you and your activities, use it without fear.

During the night should I use a different towel?

Yes, it is recommended, and I will tell you the reason. Night towels are made to protect you for longer and have a design to better distribute the flow. Thanks to this you can sleep on the run without worrying about having accidents during the night, rest should be a priority in your day to day!

We recommend youSaba® Good Night To feel completely protected on those nights.

My period is irregular and I don't know exactly what day it will come, can I do something to prevent accidents?

Yes! The most advisable thing is that you have the habit of always bringing a towel in your backpack or bag regardless of the occasion, it never hurts to prevent!

If I decide to use tampon, can I go to the bathroom?

Many girls avoid using tampon for fear of having to endure or not being able to do the bathroom on a regular basis, however you don't have to worry. I explain ... Your Zone V has 2 holes, at the top is the hole of the urethra (where we urinate) and then the vaginal hole (where the tampon is placed) so you don't have to worry. Do not feel sorry for also thinking about it, it is a very natural and common doubt.

Is it normal for my Zone V to be irritated during the period?

The skin of Zone V is very sensitive, so during the period it is normal that you may feel irritation and discomfort in this area of ​​your body. Something really important is that during your period you maintain proper hygiene. To achieve this it is highly recommended to use wet wipes for daily use.

Is it necessary to change my towel even if it is not very wet?

Totally. It is very important that you change it every 4 or 6 hours no matter how wet it is. This is the main step to avoid vaginal infections and bad odors.

Having concerns is totally natural and Saba® Teens he knows! That's why we invite you to know all their products and choose the one that best suits your body. If you have more questions do not forget to comment and we will gladly solve them.

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