Outfits that will make you the last coca of the desert

Clothing is a way to become the most coveted of your trade or school. Because dressing well makes the difference between you and the rest of the girls. However many forget the sensuality in autumn and winter. The cold is not fought with sensuality, because even with winter clothes you can look exquisite. For this we bring you 12 outfits that will make you the last coca of the desert.

A shirt, bralette and short

If the cold in your city is not so extreme, you can try denim shorts and a white shirt. This combination is a classic and with a sexy bralette you will look beautiful.

Sweater and jeans

Outfits can be super sexy without exposing your skin to cold. It's all about wearing clothes that fit your curves perfectly (not necessarily tight).

Leather outfit

Nothing better than leatherette (the one that doesn't hurt animals) to look like a cuerazo. You can wear it in a skirt and jacket with a white shirt and thin shoes, to avoid falling into the vulgar.

Sweater, raincoat, skirt and stockings

You can still wear the skirts that fascinated you in the summer. The trick is to combine it with warm clothes such as stockings, or a raincoat to cover your legs.

Short with stockings

Like the skirt, you can combine your favorite shorts with your winter clothes, as the socks will protect you from the cold while highlighting your sensuality.

Black outfit

The trick so that your outfit is completely black and does not look like a disaster, is to use fabrics of different texture, you can use leatherette, corduroy, cotton, silk, etc.

Midi open skirt with sweater

The midi skirts, even without being open, can become a very sexy garment. You just have to find the one that best suits your favorite sweater.

Relaxed outfit

Girls who look relaxed attract boys, because it seems that they woke up beautiful. What they do not know is that this type of outfits is one of the most difficult, because you have to look careless but without falling into the fodongo.

Formal outfit

Although it seems that boys do not like older, the truth is that they go crazy with formal office clothes. And I don't blame them, any girl looks good with formal outfits.

Network stockings

Many girls think that these socks do not look good or elegant. But the truth is completely different, because they look good with casual and formal outfits. Not to mention that they make your legs a sex appeal for boys.

High boots with dress

The high boots this season will be your guapura's best allies. Combine with skirts, shorts, dresses or jeans. They will also cover the cold of the legs, lets see a little piece of skin that will drive men crazy.

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