Sexy outfits with which you can wear long socks if you are embarrassing

I must confess that long socks are one of my favorite clothes, they are super comfortable, perfect for wearing dresses, skirts or shorts in cold, sexy and mega versatile climates.

And I have several friends who recently confessed to me that they would love to use them but they don't dare for fear of looking too sexy or daring. So that gave me an idea, because I'm sure many of you don't use them because of the same problem. So if you want to add them to your wardrobe but you don't know how to balance them, these outfits will help you achieve it.

If what you want is that they do not look too sexy, I recommend that you wear them over stockings of the same color as the socks., So they will mix, you will not show skin, but it will give you a super hot touch.

Try that the dress, skirt or short that you will wear with the long socks, is not too short, so there will only be a small space of visible skin and everything will balance.

Wear them with a preppy outfit (i.e., college style, but without the skirt being tight or very short) it will look sophisticated and cute.

Wear long socks but not above the knee, but just where it starts. This will look sexy but not too much.

Do not choose plain socks, try to have this type of stripes or some other decoration, so you will subtract that extra sensuality you do not want.

Do not use them with high heels or tight clothes. A casual look weak but with attitude is what will serve you.

The boots or ankle boots with a rough appearance will help you to give them a sensual but not so provocative touch.

Tennis serves the same way.

Wear them with long boots and let them just stand out a little.

The moccasins are doing great. You will get a more vintage look and that will give you security.

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