15 ideas for a date with your love at night

I do not know if it happens to them but when you are single you can think of a thousand romantic things that you would like to do with your partner but obviously you do not have it, and when you are finally in a relationship, you cannot think of anything to do. Calm down it's normal, I don't know if it's because love stuns us but it's normal. So if you want great ideas for unforgettable dates, you will love this list.

Most can be done day or night, but in my opinion they become much more memorable if they are done when the sun has set. Check them out and make your list of 'appointments I have to have this year'.


It is not that they go in a ball with all the friends, but that they go alone, order some beers, sing and have fun.

Comedy show

Nothing better than something that makes them laugh to break the ice, if for example it is their first or second date.


It is an excellent way to know the tastes of the other person or find something else in common.

To camp

They do not need to go far. You can either go to a forest, an ecological reserve or build the tent in the living room and start the fun.

Helicopter ride

In virtually every city there are places where you can take a helicopter ride. It is not economical but an incomparable experience.


They can go to a professional spa to receive a massage and relax or do a spa at home and massage each other.

Rooftop dinner

The roofs are forgotten places full of magic. Put a picnic on the roof, I assure you it will be super romantic. At the end of dinner, you can lie down and see the stars.

Ice cream fondue

In several ice cream parlors you can find ice cream fondue. Besides delicious it will give you a super different date.

Throw cantoya balloons

This may be the end of a romantic dinner at home or on the rooftop.

Night of video games and pizza

It is not necessary to leave home and spend money to have fun and create beautiful experiences. You can stay at home and if you like video games put together a good challenge between you.

Movie or series marathon

Or if they are not much of video games, a marathon of movies or series will be great.


Bowling are those places that are hardly considered for a date but are super fun. You do not need to know how to play, but the good time will be guaranteed.

Ice skating

Find the nearest ice rink and make a plan to go on the night, it is much more romantic and there are fewer people.

Make a cake

Cook together, it does not have to be a cake necessarily, but it is quite fun, in addition the thing can become sexy.

Board games and wine

Dust the board games, open a bottle of wine, prepare a little bottle and take the opportunity to get to know each other better.