Ways to wear red velvet pants for New Year

Red is the favorite color to say goodbye to the year. According to beliefs, he has powers to attract happiness and love and thus start the year on the right foot. If you are superstitious and love to be, then don't just wear underwear in that color. Arm yourself with a look that elevates your chances of attracting Cupid next year.

If you have no idea what outfit to wear and you are not very dressed. Check out these outfits where velvet pants are the protagonists. You will love it.

A simple and warm sweater with your chic shoes.

If you are one of those who throws the house through the window to look your best this date, such a look comes as a ring to your finger.

This type of pants does not exclude prints. So don't fear them.

That easy you will look spectacular.

To go to the office.

A white blouse will fix everything.

For those who love to receive the year in clubs.

It goes with all styles. It adapts to whatever.

Super simple and extremely cute.

Even sports pants work well for the date.

Video: How To Ring In The New Year In Style And In Velvet!. Megyn Kelly TODAY (April 2020).