Advantages of being a single mom's daughter

For years and until now, the single mother has been frowned upon. For years these types of women have to endure discrimination and prejudice. And not only that, because sometimes the daughters of uniparental families have to get used to social judgments. It is thought that a single mother's daughter is lacking, but it's the opposite! Being born in this type of families gives you many advantages.

You learn not to need a man

Some girls cannot imagine a life without the presence of a man. When you grow up without a father, you understand that it is not necessary for a boy for a home to be complete, even to be happy.

You have a great connection with your grandparents

We know that single mothers are super moms and don't need help, but! your parents (your grandparents) were always aware of you. So you and your grandparents end up loving each other as if they were a nuclear family.

You become stronger than other girls

Your mom put you to solve things for yourself. She didn't need a male figure to carry heavy things, fix a leak or change a tire. As you grew up she was in charge of activities that required a physical effort that other mothers consider "man's work."

You trust your goals and passions

Since your mother is your only and best mirror, you don't grow up thinking that women are weak. From it you learned that no matter your gender, you can do any activity, study any career and follow your dreams regardless of prejudices.

You're not dramatic like other girls

All parents argue with discretion, but they don't always manage to avoid shouting in front of their children. As a single mother's daughter you lacked partner fights, so now you know that there is no need to scream when there are problems.

You become financially independent

This is not because you have shortcomings, but you realize the constant effort, pressure and struggle that your mother has had to do to get them through. It will serve as an example to follow and you will lose the fear of working hard to take money home.

You are a super responsible girl

You know perfectly well that responsibilities must be shared at home. At an early age you were instilled that everyone should put their granite in the sand, for a functional house. So you fulfill your responsibilities from doing well in school and even taking away your mother's domestic work.

You appreciate your mom with your life, heart and soul

Your mom works hard to have a home in good condition and cover all your needs. He has loved you unconditionally, he will always be by your side. He has managed to get you ahead, smiling at the bad comments and giving you all the happiness he can. Go Superman is short for your mom.